Application( machine tool parts, semiconductor, energy) by gun drill machine

Resins – deep hole drilling

There has been an increase in inquiries for deep hole processing of resins (PEEK, PVC, MC Nylon, PTFE, POM, Epoxy resin, PMMA (Acrylic), and Polycarbonate). These resin materials can achieve better results through gun drilling compared to other cutting methods. Gun drilling can drill holes 200 times deeper in one go, leading to reduced working time and a more profitable method than other processes without the need for frequent tool changes. Additionally, internal finishes with other methods may not always be clean, but gun drilling can achieve a surface roughness of less than 3.2S even when drilling holes several meters deep, allowing for precise finishes. Hence, gun drilling can be considered the optimal method that realizes both cost reduction and excellent finishes.

Machine tool parts – gun drill machine

  • Motor shaft (hollow hole)
  • Spindle shaft (hollow hole)
motor shaft
Machine parts by gundrilling machine

Semiconductor – precision gun drill machine

semiconductor devices
Semiconductor parts by gundrilling machine

Energy – deep hole boring machine

  • Shale gas drilling tip plug
  • Fuel system fuel nozzles for petroleum plants
energy parts
Energy parts by gun drilling machine