Established TOYO HI-TAK with main business in manufacturing and sales of gun drilling machines


Established HI-TAK Co., Ltd.
Completion of head office factory in Matsunaga, Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture


Developed a hollow servo spindle featuring high rotational precision
(This has made deep hole machining for difficult-to-cut materials possible,
that had not been possible with the previous machines)


Developed a new high-precision small-diameter gun drilling machine
to achieve deep hole drilling of Φ0.5 and higher


Launched outer diameter processing business.
Introduced various outer diameter processing machines to promote and expand business. (Adopted
NC lathe, machining center, wire-cut electric discharge machine, image dimension measuring machine, etc.)
Obtained ISO9001: 2015 certification


Completion of the No.2 factory (currently the head office factory) in Nishi Kumando, Numazu City,
Shizuoka Prefecture
Medical device manufacturing industry registration


Developed an automatic re-polishing apparatus for small-diameter gun drills and a new gun drilling
machine that enables deep hole drilling of φ1 mm x 400 L.
Selected as HABATAKU Small and Medium Enterprises 300 and Companies Driving Regional Growth


Achieved a depth of 60L by machining the worldʼ s smallest gun drill φ0.5 Completion of new factory
in Nishi Kumando, Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Relocated main office functions