Relative rotational type of Precision gun drilling machine

gun drilling machine


The medical gun drilling machine is a high-precision model (internationally patented) especially developed for medical use and is particularly designed for hole diameters of φ 0.5 to 6.0, which are in high demand for medical and other types of instruments. It permits high-quality deep hole drilling. Even though the relative rotation system, its deep holes can be machined in the workpieces that have already been processed, and its maximum deep hole drilling length is 600 mm.


  • Description: Relative rotational type
  • Hole Diameter: 0.5 – 6.0 mm
  • Part length Max.: 600 mm
  • Tool spindle speed Max.: 12,000 rpm
  • Coolant press. Max.: 20 MPa

Processing results

  • φ 1.0 × 400mm: Ti-6Al-4V(ASTM F136), Exit concentricity ◎φ0.39
  • φ 2.0 × 600mm: Ti-6Al-4V(ASTM F136), Exit concentricity ◎φ0.26
  • φ 3.0 × 600mm: Ti-6Al-4V(ASTM F136), Exit concentricity ◎φ0.1

Other line ups

  • JDH-500-R / Relative rotational type
  • JDH-400-STS/JDH-300-ST / Simple table type
  • Gun drill glinding machine

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