Newly developed! Deep hole boring machine sales World’s firstφ1.0mm L/D=400 ! Leading the industry with small-diameter deep hole drilling machine!


Our gun drilling machines meet a wide variety of needs in the medical, aerospace, automobile, and semiconductor fields. In particular, our model compatible with hole diameters of φ 1.0 to 6.0 is suitable for workpieces with extremely small diameters and L/D (depth with respect to hole diameter) exceeding 200, a task that is difficult with conventional gun drilling machines. Achieves deep hole drilling with high coaxiality (concentricity). In addition to models sold overseas, we have a large number of conventional models for domestic sales. We also can propose the most suitable machines for our customers.

Machinery development using the machining know-how of HI-TAK, experts in deep hole processing

  • Drill breakage detection function to prevent breakage of gun drills

We achieve drill breakage prevention and visualize replacement time by constantly monitoring the torque of the main axle built-in spindle motor. Prevents cutting defects caused by cutting edge wear and reduces the rate of defective products.

  • Low oscillation, high-performance hollow built-in spindle motor

-2.2kw built-in servo motor
-0.75kw built-in motor
-servo spindle motor (1.5kw, 7kw, etc.)

  • Flexible chucking technology

Can be exchanged freely between chucks, including a collet chuck or a scroll chuck, depending on its work shape

  • Highly durable chip box optimized to hole size

Maximizes the effective length of the gun drill to achieve increased machining accuracy and stability.

Medical gun drilling machine

Relative rotational type of Precision gun drilling machine

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Relative rotational type of deep hole boring machine

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Relative rotational type of deep hole boring machine


Simple table type of deep hole boring machine

simple type of deep drilling machine

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Gun drill polishing machine

gun drill

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high-performance Built-in spindle motor

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Coolant tank for deep hole drilling machine

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Sample products

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