Our proprietary gun drilling machines feature a built-in servo spindle for exceptional rotation precision, meeting a wide range of deep-hole drilling requirements. With years of machine development and accumulated expertise through contracted deep-hole machining, we continue to deliver top-quality results to meet our customers’ needs.

Our company offers custom machining services using our proprietary machines. We are equipped to process a variety of materials using specialized deep-hole drilling devices and advanced machining centers for surface treatment.

Our services include support for a wide range of materials, including challenging materials such as difficult-to-cut materials, resins, and wood. We offer high-precision deep-hole machining on externally machined workpieces and can suggest ways to optimize the process. We accommodate single small lots, such as prototypes and development products, as well as mass production through machine automation. Our capabilities also extend to demanding machines, such as achieving a concentricity of 0.05 mm. We provide comprehensive support for both inner and outer diameters, from material procurement to outer shape and deep hole processing.


Ultra-small diameter deep hole machining that changes the general idea of cutting!

Our cutting-edge gun drilling machine and deep hole drilling technology have enabled us to achieve ultra-small diameter deep hole drilling in areas that were previously unattainable through conventional methods. For example, we can drill holes with a diameter of 1.0 mm to a depth of 400 mm and holes with a diameter of 0.5 mm to a depth of 105 mm.

Our company offers over 1000 variations of drill diameters and lengths.

Our company is the leading provider of proprietary gun drilling machines in the industry.

To meet our customer’s needs, we consistently have the most appropriate machines, tools, and jigs at the ready, ensuring fast and efficient delivery of high-precision, high-quality deep-hole machining.

HI-TAK deep hole machining is widely used across multiple industries.

HI-TAK deep hole machining is utilized in a diverse range of industries. Our company can offer customized deep hole drill solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers, including machinery sales and single units contracted to the machine.

Contract gun drilling machining performance

Compatible machining dimensions (mm): Deep hole machining of φ0.5 × 60L to φ30.0 × 1500L

Hole diameter precision: Within ± 0.05

Surface roughness: 3.2S (Previous track record of Ra0.023)

Required concentricity: Previous track record of within φ0.05

Materials: Inconel, Hastelloy, β titanium, Co alloy, Ni alloy, general steel materials (stainless steel, aluminum, etc.), resin (PEEK materials, etc.)

Medical field

Bone cutter for neurosurgery
Implant (for femur)
Surgical tools for implants
Medical material pipe
(base hole for raw pipe and stent material)
Surgical tools (suction holes, guide holes)

Automotive field

Molds (core pin for coolant)
Shafts (hollow hole)
Piston connecting rods (fuel hole)
Fuel injection nozzles (lower body)
Common rails
Input shafts (AT)
Piston valves (hollow hole)

Machine tools industrial machines

Motor shafts(hollow hole)
Spindle shafts(hollow hole)
Piston cylinders(refueling piston hole)


Oil plants
New energy
Semiconductors etc.

Our company seamlessly combines cutting-edge machine development technology and advanced processing technology.

We continuously develop our technology to address and fulfill the needs of our customers.

Our company’s history is intertwined with the development of innovative technology. With the goal of providing solutions for even the most complex customer needs, we are constantly working to research and advance our technology.

Examples of our development technology include:

  • Deepening the length-to-diameter (L/D) ratio for ultra-small diameter deep holes (φ1.0 x 400L, φ0.5 x 60L)
  • A gun-drilling automatic re-polishing device
  • Automated mass production technology for high-precision deep-hole machining using robots
  • Processing techniques for challenging materials such as nickel titanium.

Our research and development efforts focus on the following areas:

  • Deepening the length-to-diameter (L/D) ratio of ultra-small diameter deep holes (φ1.0 x 400L, φ0.5 x 60L)
  • Developing an automatic re-polishing device for gun drilling
  • Implementing mass production technology for high-precision deep-hole machining using robots
  • Improving processing techniques for difficult-to-cut materials such as nickel titanium.

Quality policy

  1. Always be aware of quality improvements and provide quality assurance that satisfies our customers.
  2. Work on technological development that can meet the latest demands of our customers.
  3. Strive to develop employee skills and achieve annual quality targets.
  4. Respect our quality philosophy and constantly strive to improve it.
  5. Continuously improve our quality management system.

Quality philosophy: Quality to provide that reassures our customers

  • Practice the 3S ( organization, tidiness, cleanliness)
  • 3 processes to pursue quality (standards, manufacturing, shipping)
  • 3 checks (appearance, dimensions, quantity)
  • 3 aspects of quality assurance (quality, price, delivery date)