The coolant tank supplies high-pressure cutting oil from the high-pressure pump through the high-pressure hose to the gun drill from the spindle built-in motor.

This achieves good gun drill processing, and collects the cutting chips produced by cutting with the cutting oil, and passes the oil through the chip conveyor and filter. This is a device for re-filtering and reusing clean oil.
Cutting oil that has generated heat during processing is always kept at the optimum temperature by the oil cooler.

The chips and cutting oil that discharged from the V-groove of the gun drill through the chip box are discharged to the primary (dirty) layer of the coolant tank through the chip shooter.

Large chips are removed from the discharged cutting oil via the chip conveyor, flow from the conveyor device to the secondary (dirty) layer, and the chips are conveyed to the chip conveyor tray.

The cutting oil in the secondary layer is supplied from the supply pump to the tertiary (clean) layer after removing the fine chips through the micro-mag and cartridge filter. The micro-mag contains a magnet inside that helps adsorb the fine chips through magnetic force, and the chips are further removed by the cartridge (10-micron m filter) inside the cartridge filter.

The clean cutting oil in the 3rd layer is further filtered through a suction filter and adjusted to an appropriate pressure by a high-pressure pump and pressure control valve (relief valve), and then the main shaft built-in motor inside the machine is transferred to the gun drill through a high-pressure hose.