Small diameter precision deep hole drilling machine manufacturer

Japan image

Let me start by giving you some information about HI-TAK Corp. HI-TAK was founded in 2008, during the global financial crisis. It then expanded its factories because it has a well-managed processing division.

The leading service is processing materials, deep hole, and surface processing. Now with two factories in Japan, we are not a big company, but we have our deep hole boring technology and are developing a machine in the house.

Let’s talk about our machine, the deep hole drilling machine. This machine can bore deep holes to reach different types of materials from 0.5 to 30 diameter, and L/D is a maximum of 400, depending on the width. These materials are non-ferrous metals and aluminum alloys, tool steel, cast iron, heat-treatable steel, nitriding steel, free machining steel, and case hardening steel.

And also, other equipment can be serviced depending on the processing of test results. The surface quality is also excellent, Ra from 3.2 to 0.1, and centerline deviation within 0.25 depends on drilling depth. The reason why this is possible is that the possible L/D, excellent surface quality, centerline deviation, the cutting tool. The device has coolant fed through the coolant hole. It exists along with the chips in the V-shaped groove on the drill tube from the drilled hole.

We’re developing a new machine, a deep hole boring machine and another named, “the medical gun drilling machine”. The medical machine is the highest performance L/D, of a maximum of 400. And also, the surface quality is excellent, Ra average1.6~0.8, and a maximum of 0.1. The centerline deviation within 0.25 depends on drilling depth. The maintenance service is also extraordinary because it equips the Fanuc CNC system. Fanuc can perform maintenance service for the electric system 365 days a year.