Aerospace gun drill machine


The aerospace industry requires highly accurate deep hole drilling of exotic materials, such as Inconel and titanium alloys.

The gun drilling machines that handle the materials with accuracy, as well as uncommonly shaped aerospace components.

The gun drilling machines are designed with features to handle aerospace drilling with accuracy and efficiency. Machine tool platforms that combine operations, specifically multitask machines, are increasingly popular in aerospace applications. The deep hole machining acts as an essential element of aerospace component manufacturing, is finding its way onto these machines.

The demand for gun drilling machines is increasing primarily from the aerospace industry because many high-value components like landing-gear parts require deep hole machining. Usually, manufacturing the components demands the use of dedicated machines, but the call for consolidated operations means a single multitask platform offers significant benefits to end-users.

Superior concentricity between diameters will generally result from completing all operations on one machine. This arises from avoiding the need to transfer heavy and high value components between machines, eliminating the need to re-datum, as well as any potential for errors. Productivity can also be improved due to savings in setup times. In large aerospace OEMs, the green light processes are essential to maximizing machine utilization.

Main materials

  • Inconel
  • Titanium alloys
  • Hastelloy

Aerospace parts

  • Fuel injection system (difficult-to-cut materials)
  • Temperature sensor protection tube (hard-to-cut material)