HI-TAK History

Gun drilling machine manufacturer in Japan

Evolutionally advancement of HI-TAK’s technology

1990: TOYO HI-TAK was established. August 2008: HI-TAK Co., Ltd. was established. July 2009: The headquarter building and main factory is completed.

October 2010: Hollow servo spindle is developed.

Servo spindle

February 2012: Deep hole processing technology is established to treat β-titanium  Starts to receiving contract work.


June 2013: Self-developed a machine to process material with a processing diameter of φ3 and processing length of 500mm in increments of 1/100th concentricity.

February 2014: A new type gun drill machine is developed enabling a deep hole drilling of φ0.5mm or more.

December 2015: A series of machines is implemented such as circularity/cylindrical form measurement devices, to enhance quality assurance capability.


The fiscal Year 2016: Entered into the external processing business. The initial introduction of external processing machines is made.

March 2016: Acquired ISO9001:2015 certification.

January 2017: Developed small-diameter horning machine in-house. (Available to grind inner diameter of φ3 with a length of 1,500mm)

February 2017: ① Manufacturing Site #2 is established in Nishikumando, Numazu-city, Shizuoka-ken. ② CNC lathe (a Citizen Machinery L32X) is introduced.

March 2017: Manufacturing Site #2 starts operation and is registered as a medical device manufacturer.

November 2017: Ultra micro-fine processing machine (Hornet by Roku Roku Sangyo) is introduced. (An ultra-micro fine hole drilling and processing at φ0.05 becomes available.)

January 2018: A CNC lathe (M32 VIII by Citizen Machinery) and a cylinder lathe (OGM250UNCIII, by Okamoto) are introduced as a part of Fiscal 2017 Supporting Industry Program.


February 2018: ①Automatic re-grinding/re-polishing device dedicated for small diameter gun drill machines and a new type gun drill machine enabling deep hole drilling at φ1mm×400L are developed in-house. ② HI-TAK is selected as one of the Top 300 Mid-size and Small Businesses Leading the Future of Local Industry.

March 2018: Over 1,000 types of gun drill machines have become available.

June 2018: ① Four new type gun drill machines are added.  ② The factory is operating with 34 units total of gun drill machines.

Our stories

May 2020: We started running a new factory in May. The factory has over 30 gun drilling machines. We moved from headquarters to the second factory. The second factory changed to a new headquarters, and the old headquarters was closed.