Gun drill machine – The reason why customers choose HI-TAK !

Proprietary gun drill machines (difference in machinery)

Our gun drill machines do not simply open deep holes. Our machines are designed with a focus on drilling precision. Through our experiences evaluating machinery designs to assess complex issues related to contracted machining, we continuously reevaluate our development and designs, including main axle, precision components (chip box, rotator mechanism, shock absorbers, etc.) towards creating the machinery capable of achieving optimal drilling.

gun drill machine - features

Deep hole machining in a variety of industries with gun drill machines manufactured by HI-TAK!

Our gun drill machines can drill holes in parts used in various industries and equipment.

Through know-how cultivated over many years of contract processing, we help improve customer production processes by drilling holes in pre-formed workpieces.
We have worked with more than 60 companies on contract machining related in the field of medical care, and we have a track record of machining for other applications. Our deep hole drilling machines enable deep hole drilling for a variety of parts.

Medical field

Bone cutter for neurosurgery
Implant(for femur)
Surgical tools for implants
Medical material pipe(base hole for raw pipe and stent material)

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Automotive field

Molds(core pin for coolant)
Shafts(hollow hole)
Piston connecting rods(fuel hole)
Fuel injection nozzles(lower body)
Common rails

Input shafts(AT)
Piston valves(hollow hole)

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Machine tools ・industrial machines

Motor shafts(hollow hole)
Spindle shafts(hollow hole)
Piston cylinders(refueling piston hole)


Oil plants
New energy
Semiconductors etc.

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HI-TAK deep hole machining is used in numerous fields.