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Relative rotational type of Precision gun drilling machine

gun drilling machine


The medical gun drilling machine is a high-precision model (internationally patented) especially developed for medical use and is particularly designed for hole diameters of φ 0.8 to 6.0, which are in high demand for medical and other types of instruments. It permits high-quality deep hole drilling. Even though the relative rotation system, its deep holes can be machined in the workpieces that have already been processed, and its maximum deep hole drilling length is 600 mm.


  • Description: Relative rotational type
  • Hole Diameter: 0.8 – 6.0 mm
  • Part length Max.: 600 mm
  • Tool spindle speed Max.: 12,000 rpm
  • Coolant press. Max.: 20 MPa

Processing results

  • φ 1.0 × 400mm: Ti-6Al-4V(ASTM F136), Exit concentricity ◎φ0.39
  • φ 2.0 × 600mm: Ti-6Al-4V(ASTM F136), Exit concentricity ◎φ0.26
  • φ 3.0 × 600mm: Ti-6Al-4V(ASTM F136), Exit concentricity ◎φ0.1

Other line ups

  • JDH-600-R / Relative rotational type
  • JDH-600-TF/JDH-600-T / Table type
  • JDH-400-STS/JDH-400-ST / Simple table type
  • Gun drill polishing machine

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Special gun drill tools are provided to us by Botek.
Botek is one of the technologically leading companies for deep hole drilling tools.

Custom solutions

Feel free to consult us with any concerns you may have regarding deep hole machining. We have the processing know-how to cultivated through contracted machining.

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Operating system

By installing the FANUCʼ s CNC system, customers are provided world-class operability, and in applicable countries you can receive FANUC services within 24 hours.

FANUC CNC system

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FANUC SERVICE Minimizing Down Time

Drill breakage detection function

Drill breakage prevention and the visualization of replacement timing are achieved by continuously monitoring built-in motor torque of the main axle.
Helps reduce nonconforming product rates by preventing drill failure caused by tip wear.


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